Resolve to be your (even more) awesome self this year.

We start February 6th.

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Hey there, we're Mike and Jessica Luepke! We, along with our expert team of coaches, created The (Even More) Awesome Challenge, otherwise known as “The EMAC.”

The EMAC is a 6-week program meant to help you practice specific nutrition and wellness behaviors around moving more, eating well, sleeping deep, and stressing less - what we call our CORE FOUR.

We believe these 4 small behaviors - done consistently over time - result in looking, moving, and feeling...well, (even more) awesome.

Each week, you’ll earn points when you complete activities within the CORE FOUR, creating a friendly competition with fellow challengers for total points and goals achieved.

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This challenge is for you if you know you should "Move More, Eat Well, Sleep Deep, and Stress Less"

...but when it comes to actually doing it, well, that's a different story.

We've been there...and it's an exhausting place to be!

That's why we created this challenge to include step-by-step instructions, practical nutritional and behavioral roadmaps, game-like competition, and the support + accountability to move you from doing.


Together, we'll laser-focus on our Core Four habits for six weeks so they can become part of your everyday life, for the rest of your life.

The EMAC will help you:

Identify your goals

We'll help you break down each action step to achieve your desired destination.

And if you aren't even sure what goals are possible, we'll help you with that, too!

Have more energy

Never wonder what to eat or how much. You can follow our real, nutritious food plan and make it "just right" for your life so you can have the stamina for your family and hobbies.

Achieve a trimmer physique

Attend our Group Classes or upgrade to Custom Coaching and get a personalized strength training plan to build toned lean muscle. You'll be rewarded for each exercise bout you complete!

Stress Less

Most of us live in a constant "fight, flight, or freeze" mode. We'll be intentional about carving out time each day for restful behaviors that switch our nervous system to "rest and digest."

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“During the EMAC, I lost over 10% of my body fat and gained strength, flexibility, and confidence!”
- past EMAC participant

“This challenge was so good! The meal planning and recipes were amazing.”

- past EMAC participant

What's included in my EMAC membership?

A Meal Calendar + Grocery Lists + Recipe E-Book

You'll receive a 6-week dietician-approved Meal Guide to relieve decision fatigue and make meal planning and shopping a breeze.

we'll send you a Recipe e-book chock full of delicious and simple recipes you’ll use forever - our past participants rave about these!

A Success Manual + Nutrition Education

Track your goals and gain confidence in the details of the challenge so you'll know exactly what to do. We can't wait to empower you with practical nutrition advice to impact your life (even more).

(12) Group Classes

If you're a non-member, you can join our classes that BURN (even more) calories and BUILD (even more) muscle. Or, upgrade to a full gym membership and receive a custom strength training plan, coaching on that plan, unlimited group classes, and open gym.

PS - Upgrades will get The EMAC complimentary as a reward for joining the gym...!

Accountability + Support

Join a private Facebook Group of other participants to encourage and keep each other accountable. Plus, you'll have weekly emails + check-ins with a coach and the unconditional support of Team Valeo as a whole.

That's not all! When you sign up by January 31st, you'll receive some (even more) awesome BONUSES + PRIZES, to boot!

20% OFF an Earth Fed Muscle or ATH Organics supplement.

Boost your success with clean supplements right at the gym.

A Personalized Calorie, Macro, and Portion Guide

Think of this guide as a partner to your Meal Calendar, so you can adjust meals to make them "just right" for you.

Muscle Therapy Soak

Results happen in the recovery. That's why these magnesium + arnica salts are the perfect way to lower muscle inflammation as you stress less.

Participants who reach their goals or who have the most points will be entered into a drawing to receive local experiences worth $100+.

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What's the investment?

The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.

- Bill Clinton

Valeo Member

Early Bird Rate (ends January 31st): $149

Regular Rate: $189

  • Early Bird Bonuses: 20% off supplement coupon + personalized eating guide + mineral soak
  • Alumni of the 6-Week EMAC Program will receive an all-new "15 High-Protein Recipe Pack" as an ADDITIONAL Bonus to supplement your Meal Guide with new, lean muscle-building meal options.
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Early Bird Rate (ends January 31st): $349

Regular Rate: $389

  • Early Bird Bonuses: 20% off supplement coupon + personalized eating guide + mineral soak
  • INCLUDES (12) "BURN" and "BUILD" Group Classes
  • We'll contact you with options to upgrade to receive a custom workout plan, a coach, unlimited group classes, and open gym...if you choose an upgrade, we'll throw in a complimentary EMAC!
  • Not local? Reach out to us for virtual options:

When I signed up for EMAC, in the back of my head, I was scared and stressed about screwing up or failing. I soon learned, there was nothing scary or anything to stress about. The challenge was very well explained and all questions were answered. I lost weight but more importantly, my clothes are fitting better and I feel more comfortable in my own skin. How awesome is that?!? I don’t think I’ve ever been as strong as I am right now. Cannot wait to see what the future holds for me!

— past EMAC participant

There's so much information out there about nutrition and "health." Let’s strip away the confusion, the overwhelm when it comes to change, the fads and pressure.

Let’s cling to the simple habits that work, that impact not only you but those around you to live a vibrant life full of joy, activity and good health.

It could be the very best thing you've done for yourself in a long time.

I'm in!